ShoeFits - 20 High Heel Hacks!

We at ShoeFits know wearing high heels can sometimes be a pain. Depending on what type of heel you are wearing; there's a variety of problems you can face. Does that men that us women should stop wearing them? Oh god no, we have these 20 high heel hacks that will hopefully make life easier for our fellow high heel lovers. If there is a hack that involves an item you do not have laying around the house, feel free to look in our accessories collection, we just might have it (shoes included).


1. Are your pumps a little loose? Put a piece of fabric at the end (toe end) of your pumps to stop them from flopping while you walk. This hack will make your stilettos a lot easier to walk in and should alleviate pain.


2. Feeling pain on the ball of your feet after a few hours? Tape your 3rd and 4th toes (counting from your big toe) together to reduce pain. I know, it makes no sense... I mean what does taping your 2 toes together do for pain on the bottom of your feet. Well apparently scientist discovered a nerve in between those toes that causes that pain, and taping them together can help.

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3. Need to break in those cute pumps in a hurry? Put on a thick sock, then put on your high heels. You can either walk around for about 2 hours or you can use a blow dryer if you're extremely pressed for time.


4. Does your feet keep sliding in those pumps? Place a sticky cloth in the soles of your high heels to stop your feet from sliding and this will also make your shoes more comfortable. You can get some from ShoeFits

5. Are those pumps too tight around your toes? Put lotion only on your toes to reduce pain and tightness. Now be sure not to put lotion all over the bottom of your feet, you can make your feet slippery and we don't want those kind of problems while we are out.


6. Are those stilettos slippery on hard surfaces? Use sand paper or a nail file to sand the bottom of your high heels and create friction.


7. Does your feet sweat too much in those boots?  Spray dry shampoo on your feet to stop foot sweating.


8. Tired of getting blister on the back of your foot and side of your pinky toe? Place a band-aid to stop your high heels from rubbing.


9. Are your high heels rubbing and causing discomfort to your feet? Rub clear gel deodorant on your feet before putting your high heels on to ease friction and rubbing.


10. Need to wear your pumps for an extended amount of time? Make sure your toenails are cut as short as possible for comfort, especially if you are wearing pointy toe high heels.


11. Are those pumps a little big but you just had to have them? Cut a sponge in the shape of the sole of your foot, then put it into the sole of your shoe.


12. Are those shoes a good fit at the store but when its time to go out they seem a bit small? Go shoe shopping in the late afternoon or evening to alleviate that; your feet are the largest at that time.


13. Are your favorite high heels a stinky?  Grab 2 green tea bags, wet them, then let dry. Once dry put them in your high heels for 30 minutes and that should do it.


14. Does your suede pumps have a couple of ugly stains? Get some day old bread, and rub it on the dirt marks.


15. Are your heels getting old and worn out? Grab some glitter and cover them to make them fabulous! I think it looks best when you just decorate the heel part and leave the rest with its original color, but let your creativity flow and let me know how it turns out.


16. Does your leather shoes have scratch marks? Rub moisturizer on those high heels to make the scratches disappear 


17. Are heels just too painful and hard to keep your balance? Make sure you walk heel to toe to keep balance and alleviate pain.


18. Finally your home and your feet are BURNING! Make sure you switch your shoes to lower heels and not flats. This will help alleviate the pain once you take them off.


19. Have your high heels lost their shine? Apply Vaseline to regain shine on your shoes.


20. After all these tips, do they still hurt your feet? Soak your feet in warm water for 20-25 minutes before wearing those high heels. This will make your feet soft and also your heels more comfy.


Now that we have seen all the hacks, its time to go shoe shopping! Take advantage of our buy one get one free deal with ShoeFits. We have a wide selection of women's shoes including, wedge heels, thigh high boots, office pumps, cheap stiletto heels, flat sandal and slides, sneaker, and of course whats a shoe store without accessories.

 If this blog was helpful to you be sure to leave a comment with your opinion, or maybe you have a hack that could help someone else.


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