Stiletto High Heels are a Waste of Money

"Stiletto heels are a waste of money", my bestfriend told me, "chunky heels are whats in". 


Stiletto heels have been around for over 100 years. When they first were made, they were made to gain more height without all the weight. They did so by creating the heel with a metal stem instead of wood or the more fragile materials they commonly used to other heels at that time. Since then stiletto heels have become popular for more of the erotic look they give.


The block heel was first created in 1965 by a famous designer by the name of Roger Vivier. They offered a trendy look while being a lot more comfortable. Due to the wider heel it made them easier to walk in, and a lot easier to wear for longer periods of time than the stilettos. Today they are becoming more and more popular, Designers have been able to give you a chunky heel for just about every style. 


Every type of high heel has its benefits. With stilettos they offer a lot more height and a more erotic look. Wedges are the most comfortable, and easiest to walk in. These benefits make it a little hard to choose what type of high heels you want. I think the chunky high heels are a great compromise between the 2. They can still give that height and erotic look but are a lot more comfortable than stiletto heels.


How about you be the judge, let me know which shoes are your preference.

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